Our history

  1. 1967establishment of the REGA brand in Vienna
  2. the first appearance of the REGA company in the Czech pavilion at EXPO Montréal
  3. 1980the first deliveries of commercial kitchen equipment for the Czechoslovak Hotels
  4. 1992establishment the REGA BRNO company together with Austrian partners
  5. design of catering facilities, commercial kitchens technology, cooling equipment for supermarkets
  6. 1994starting a collaboration with leading catering companies
  7. 1997implementation of new progressive components, graphic plans of staff canteens
  8. essential increase in the number of suppliers, both local and foreign
  9. 2010furnishing the interiors of catering facilities are the next part of the company´s activities
  10. 2017modern supplier of different-sized catering facilities
  11. complete turnkey deliveries including projects